First Five Things Every Website Should Have

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First Five Things Every Website Should Have

First Five Things Every Website Should Have

First Five Things Every Website Should Have

1. Mobile Friendly Design

It means that it’s designed to work the exact same way across devices. Most of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and if your site doesn’t perform well and easy for those users, you could miss out all that traffic. Many people are browsing, researching, shopping, and engaging with websites from their phones, make sure your site works well on mobile as it works on desktop.

2. Clear Content

Web content is the key behind traffic generation to websites. Whatever the goal of your website, be sure you make it obvious and clear to your users. Add some Images that pertain directly to the content on your site, images always provide you an opportunity to please your users and decrease your bounce rate.

3. Fast Page Loading

Ensuring your website loads quickly is the most important thing, More people may be viewing your site on a slow connection with a small screen, if it takes ages for the content to load, they will leave your site for a better one. Google and other search engines penalize sites that load slowly, You’ll lose out on sales and traffic if your site loads slowly.

4. SSL Secure Website

The advent of the internet, just like technology, has eased the way we lead our lives. However, it has also made us susceptible to the dangers of the digital world. Now, more than ever, not only can we buy our groceries online, but we also run the risk of falling prey to a web of intricately woven scams and lies. This is why every one of us needs to know how to tell if a website is legit.
SSL Certificate is a protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent over the Internet, that ensure users your website is legit and safe to use.

5. Reviews

The best way to drive customers to your business is by getting reviews. Having a large number of positive reviews to potential customers that your business / products / services are good. This social proof can convince and encourage users who are on the fence to take a chance on your business.

These elements are the most important pieces in your business website success.

One thing I want to point out is, that all of the elements mentioned give the best results if they work together. Neglecting one piece can prevent you from generating leads, customers and earning more sales form your website.

You may not need everything mentioned in the main chapters, but more work you put in the better your results can be.

Website Design

The design is very important and such, it should be well thought out. Believe it or not, a website is not some blocks bunched together.

Websites are well-thought actions, so your website is performing well.

Of course, the design of your website should be visually pleasing.

Professional Design

It’s not enough to have a website. If the design is not professional, then it’s doing you more harm than good.

Your website should have a consistent design. Don’t have too many colors or too many types of fonts used.

As this will make your website confusing. You want it to be easy to use and easy to read.

The colors used should reflect your brand colors. That way you will build more brand awareness.

The consistent design means that your website doesn’t have a high learning curve. Like your navigation is consistent throughout the website.

You footer offers some important information throughout the website, and it doesn’t change on every page.

But all this doesn’t mean your website should be dull. It should be creative, but be aware what are the expectations in your industry.

It’s not the same thing to design a website for a Law Firm and a Tattoo studio. Law firm website has to be more serious and businesslike.

You can’t lose if your layout is simple and easy to read. Make sure your website and especially your homepage is free of clutter.

It’s Important that your homepage has a clear message and represents your services and products in an interesting manner.

Professional Images and Graphics

You shouldn’t forget about the images and graphics used. The material used on your website to enhance the design should also be professional.

I mean logo designed in an MS Paint is not professional. Be careful with images taken with your smartphone. They (usually) aren’t giving a professional look.

Yes, sometimes they can give a sense of authenticity. It depends on the industry and niche or occasion.

But it should be a good planned out action to use such images. Be sure to avoid generic images of people and your products.

But if you want to use your smartphone to take images, make sure you learn a little about photography and how to make them look professional.

Always use true images of your products.

As we all know we as people like to scan stuff today and then decide if it’s worth our time. So images can play a big role in communicating your message.

Whatever someone tells you, please don’t use sliders. They don’t bring any value to your website. Most that they do is confuse the visitors or are making them believe you are trying to force them with some promotion again.

And so they will ignore it. You can find more about why not to use sliders here. Yes even if it’s a website for a photographer.

There are other, better ways to showcase your images, like nice galleries.

If you find yourself in need of images and don’t want to pay for them, you can find quite a few websites with beautiful free images.

Website Navigation

You may be thinking now, what is he doing, I know what a navigation is. I know you know. But still, I want to point out that navigation should have all the important links on your website.

This means that your website is easy to navigate and you are no making it hard for visitors to use your website. Check the navigation design best practices for more information. Or you can take these steps to create a good navigation.

To learn more find out this link